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2010 Music Wrap-Up: Broken Dreams Club

Girls – Broken Dreams Club

I pretty much never check out EPs, even if they’re from a band I really really like. But when a band releases an album as instantly likeable as Girls’ 2009 debut, it’s hard not to wonder “what else do these guys have got to offer?”. And basically this EP serves as a great companion piece to that aforementioned debut.

Girls’ first album was defined by a breezy California pop sound that was marked by a production style that was at times polished and at other times messy and chaotic. This time around the songs seem to take on that more polished sound, with the instruments being fairly glossed over while singer Christopher Owens’ melodies seem to take center stage.
For the most part, these songs are basically just as good as anything on Girls’ debut, with the stand-out tracks being the delightfully upbeat “Heartbreaker” and the nearly 8-minute “Carolina”. Broken Dreams Club definitely shows this San Francisco band in a transition period, but it also offers plenty of what made their debut so much fun. So if you enjoyed what Girls have done so far, this is probably worth checking out. It definitely gives me reason to be on the look out for whatever these guys do next.
Favorite Tracks: “Heartbreaker”, “Carolina”