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The Beginning of the End of the End of the Beginning: Part 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1


It’s been an interesting trip rediscovering the Harry Potter franchise lately. Initially I only followed the first few books and movies, but now I can say I’ve at least seen all the movies, don’t think I’ll ever make the time to read another 800 page book about magic though. In my reassessment of the film series, I’ve come to find that although there really isn’t anything that separates Harry Potter from any other fantasy series, the film’s are still marvelously crafted. The sets and visual effects are always eye popping, the cast and performances are usually solid and it’s all soaking in that unique magical charm. It’s obsessive popularity and fantasy subject matter are what probably drove me away initially, but I’ve given it a second chance and put aside my stubbornness to find that all in all, it’s an entertaining franchise and the latest installment continues that trend.

Filling in the plot details here would be pointless, as that would be far too much ground to cover. Something about destroying horcruxes and how the villainous Lord Voldermort still wants to kill Harry. Don’t tell me that you could fully understand every little detail without reading the books because that’s bullshit. Luckily, this installment was fairly easy to follow as it relies more on action and suspense to propel the story. This is easily the darkest entry in the series, I mean it’s got “death” in the title and this film works it’s PG-13 rating like yo mamma, with all sorts of fights, scary moments, and even a ‘lil blood. This is the Harry Potter where shit gets real and it’s a compelling departure that definitely keeps you on edge.

With Hogwarts as a thing of the past Deathly Hallows also saw our beloved trio traversing across all sorts of new dark and deadly terrain. Like for every string of dialogue they had some new exotic location, stunning eye candy I must say. I can only imagine how much this monster of a movie must of cost, but this is a blockbuster that really gives you the all the bang for your buck. The effects and CGI seem to be improving with every sequel as well. Re-watching the first one I couldn’t believe how dated some of the CGI is, now it’s practically seamless in creating the colorful creatures of this world.

I’m still no big fan of the franchise, but I think I’ve at least risen to the rank of “casual fan”. Meaning I enjoy the action and effects, but don’t care to look any deeper into the story or extreme details. If there’s something I don’t fully understand, I work my way around it, as long as I get the gist of it. So all in all I had a good time and look forward to the conclusion. Therefore it’s only a matter of a time before one of the most beloved fantasy franchises, will finally come to an end. I’m glad I could reconnect with and keep with what’s relevant in the world.

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