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C.A.T: I Should Coco

Supergrass – I Should Coco (1995)

Remember when we were doing a “Classic Album Tuesday” for every year? Well I’m bringing it back and I believe we left off at 94′ so here’s the debut from Supergrass for 95. What happens when you mix frenetic punk music with pop melodies and shrill vocals? You get Supergrass, a high energy trio from Oxford that’ll rock yer socks off. From their hit single “Alright” to their other genre defying singles I Should Coco is an unpredictable mish mash of punk/pop inspirations.

I first heard about the group from their song “Caught by the Fuzz” featured at the end of Hot Fuzz and soon enough realized they were responsible for the hit song “Alright” featured in a handful of commercials a few years ago. They’re definitely one of those bands that has a definite identity and you can usually spot them from a mile away with Gaz Coombes distinct vocals. At first I found him annoying but somehow I became a fan with time, well suited for this kind of garage rock music.

I’ve never really had as much interest in another Supergrass album like “I Should Coco.” It just feels fresh and no holds bar, something I never found on future Supergrass releases. The band would go on to record five more albums before calling it quits in 2010, but I’ll always remember them for this one, you could say its’…. “Alright?” Ehh?

Favorite Tracks: “Alright”, “I’d Like to Know”, “Mansized Rooster”

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