in Shocktober

Shocktober: Introduction

I hate to cut into 80s Weeks but I can’t turn back time. Yes it’s officially October 1st and that means it’s “Shocktober.” “What the hell is Shocktober?” You might say. Well that means that for every day of October I will be reviewing a notable Horror flick. Now I already did this once on my old blog “The Ottman Prophecies”so that means most of the heavy hitters, Frankenstein, Dracula, etc will not be featured. Rather I’ll put the spotlight on some slightly more obscure titles with your occasional classic. I look forward to sharing my fondness for some of these flicks and even a few I don’t care for, but it’s all about what’s made an impact. So sit back with a nice cup of witches’ brew and slip on that monster mask, it’s time for Shocktober!

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