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Increasingly Clever

Recently moving into my dorm and with not much room for my TV, I’ve been relying on Netflix lately, but while watching Arrested Development I decided to look up David Cross on wiki and found out he’s got a new sitcom coming to IFC. I’d never heard of it, but that’s probably because I don’t anyone who watches IFC… Except for die hard Whitest Kids U Know fans. Anyways I found out the pilot for “The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret” is currently on Youtube and it’s hilarious.

The setup is a an up and coming energy drink company “Thunder Muscle” that decides to send their best employee to manage the london branch and promote the beverage. Will Arnett plays the boss and decides to send Todd (David Cross) thinking he’s a hard ass when he was actually just witnessing Todd rehearsing to a CD called “How to Not Be a Pussy”. So Todd who’s life is already quite pathetic goes to London, hilarity ensues. We come to find that Todd has a terrible grasp of English Culture and is always lying in a weak attempt to impress people. “Every saturday my dad and I in Leeds would get fish and chips, go to the park and than watch The Who” Oh and I forgot to mention the fact that he only has one employee, not the most motivated guy either.

The best parts of the show have to be whenever Todd tries to pretend he knows everything about everything. In one scene a waitress says, “I’m really into Molecular biology, I guess you could say it’s my Raison d’être” to which Todd replies “Ah I love raisins, you know they’re really just dried up grapes? True story.” He’s a lovable moron and most of the jokes hit right on target. I’m excited to see more of this series though in what way I’m not sure. It starts October 1st and is available online until September 30th, check it out.