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C.A.T: The La’s

The La’s – The La’s (1990)

Everybody knows the catchy 90s hit “There She Goes” but how many folks have ever heard of The La’s? Though they fell of the radar after the release of their one and only album The La’s are today heralded as one of the first important bands of the 90s Brit Pop scene. Influencing such artists as Pete Doherty and Oasis to name a few, this Liverpool foursome has developed a cult following over the years and is still popular among fans of 90s power pop.

Led by the moody yet skilled songwriter Lee Mavers, The La’s spent two years on their debut that appeared doomed from the start. Constantly scraping countless takes and tracks, Mavers was never satisfied with the group’s studio sound. This would go on until 1990 when producer Steve Lillywhite would finally piece it all together and deem it a complete work. Though Mavers was not pleased with the decision, the album turned out to be a critical success even if it failed to make a mark on the charts.

The real surprise is hearing that Mavers was unhappy with the end results. If you ask me you couldn’t ask for much more in the way of catchy “Beatles-esque” songwriting. Sure it’s a little underproduced but these tracks are sensational with the gravelly voiced Mavers belting them out to 60s inspired guitars and tight harmonies.

So who knows what could’ve become of The La’s had they stayed together. Could they’ve gone to great success? Hard to say considering Maver’s perfectionist attitude though he hasn’t recorded anything since this album… Strange. Well all I know is this is a great album and a must have for fans of the Brit Pop genre.

Favorite Tracks: “There She Goes”, “Timeless Melody”, “Way Out”