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Resentment Album Review

Broken Social Scene – Forgiveness Rock Record

I’d heard the name Broken Social Scene one or two times before, but the first time I actually heard their music was lying on a hill in George, WA at the Sasquatch Music Festival. So my impression of this band – er collective – might be a little skewed. Actually, my entire opinion is skewed. Because I am me, and only I like all the music that I like. I’d be kidding myself if I thought anything different. Fuck it, why even review this thing? No one cares. No. Pull it together, Sean. Colin, John, Paul and Peter were all there too. One of them might be interested. I can do this. Tell the people about Forgiveness Rock Record.

OK. Let’s see. At this part I should do some comparison to the previous BSS albums… But I haven’t heard them. Shit. Um, YouTube some song. Nah, too lazy. I’ll just look up if they played any old songs when we saw them. Yeah they did! So I guess they sound like that. That’s good. Only six of the 10 songs they played were off the new album. That must mean I can make the generalization that this album is not too much of a stretch for the band. Awesome, I’m getting through this thing. What’s next?

How do I feel about the new album? Well, it’s pretty good. I’ve listened to it a couple times now, although most of those times I was driving. Some of the songs rock, other are gentler and prettier. They use a bunch of instruments and dive through a bunch of genres – no, don’t get into the genre thing again. Why do you always focus on that with music? It’s not like video games don’t jump through a bunch of genres these days. Just tell the people if you think they’d like it or not.

Yes, I think you people would like this record. Specifically, if you liked what we saw at Sasquatch there’s more you would love here, some of which might amaze you. God damn, I feel like Colin might have already reviewed this. Why did I just spell feel “feal”? The fuck’s up with that?

Oh shit, favorite tracks.

Favorite Tracks: “World Sick,” “Texico Bitches” “All to All”


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