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Louie, Louie

Yesterday I finally managed to catch Louis C.K’s new series on FX (It premiered last Tuesday) and I have to say this is not your typical sitcom. Rather than being a conventional program that follows a straightforward narrative Louie is more like a collection of short film’s blended together with a stand up comedy routine. The result is a bold concept that is quick to the punch but also relatable to the common man. It’s a show that relies on the strength of the writing and luckily Louis C.K. seems to have his formula of observational humor down. Making himself as pathetic and morose as possible you can’t help but get behind him in his daily misadventures.

The first episode covers some amusing topics including Louie volunteering as chaperone on a field trip gone terribly wrong and his embarrassing attempt to return to the world of dating. The second episode is intriguing as half of the episode revolves around a single poker night conversation and yet it works. I actually care about what these characters have to say because they seem completely natural. Who would of thought Louis C.K. had such ability as a writer/director? It’s like watching scenes from a witty independent dramadey. The only problem is the show feels too short within the 23 something minute format.

So this is one I will definitely follow, it’s a little nugget of originality in today’s bloated TV world that shouldn’t be ignored. Let’s just hope FX doesn’t drop the ball on this one


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