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It’s All Greek to Me

Get Him to the Greek

We’ve mostly been playing catch up here at the blog ever since summer cast it’s mighty sun. It’s hard to get motivated so don’t be surprised to see a handful of late or even relatively uninspired posts. It’s hard to stay focused with so much free time I suppose.

So here’s one we saw recently despite it being released awhile back. The return of Forgetting Sarah Marshall’s Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) teamed up alongside Jonah Hill who was also in FSM but is now a different character, messes with your mind huh? So I think everyone by now knows the gist of this, an ambitious music scout (Jonah Hill) proposes an anniversary concert of rocker Aldous Snow’s legendary show at the Greek Theatre… But first he has to get him there, hilarity ensues!

More or less it’s everything you’d expect a rock n’ roll comedy to be. Lots of sex, drugs, rock and roll and a helluva a lot of puking. Actually there was probably more party scenes than I’d anticipated but these often led to some of the best scenes in the movie. Mostly it was Jonah Hill’s stoned out shenanigans that kept me laughing but Russell Brand gets in a few good laughs here and there, somehow they’re a fairly good combo together and are a joy to watch.

It’s definitely on the higher end of recent comedies but it’s not perfect. It seemed to start out slow, relying more on socially awkward situations than big jokes. I understand that they have to set up the movie but I felt like there could of been more opportunities for big laughs. Come to think of it I don’t think I ever really let out any belly laughs, mostly a few dozens chuckles.

Another point of interest would be the surprising breakout performance from Sean “Diddy” Combs. For a guy who spends most of his time going to parties and wearing fancy suits he’s got some fine comedic chops that work well in this movie’s favor. So it’s another win for writer/director Nicholas Stoller, I wonder if his Muppets reboot with Jason Segel will be this raunchy?