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Rock Band 3 to Support Keytar?

That image above pops up at the end of the Green Day: Rock Band demo. Look at that, it’s the four ways of playing Rock Band we’re all pretty familiar with. Oh, and what’s that? Keyboards, right? That’s exciting. Not sure how that’s going to work, but everyone’s been saying that Rock Band 3 will be more about actually learning to play instruments, so maybe that’s a factor of the new direction.

But wait! Ars Technica is reporting that graphic is actually for the new game’s keytar. Well, that’s interesting. Um… I don’t get it. Wouldn’t the game version of a keytar be pretty much identical to the game version of a guitar? Are we just going to get to play piano parts with our guitars now? Does this mean every song in the game has piano in it? Probably not, we know the game supports vocal harmonies now too, but I doubt every song will have multiple parts to sing. But still, what’s the big idea here?

Ars Technica also says there’s going to a “pro” mode that could possibly teach you how to play guitar/bass. How will that work, I wonder. I like the idea of the teaching part of the game being a separate mode, since I imagine most people just want to have fun and don’t really have musical aspirations. Plus I generally play with three real musicians and this new mode would probably make me look really bad by comparison.

But yeah, I’m starting to get really excited about Rock Band 3. Harmonix is doing a good job of giving me the impression that they are actually doing something new and exciting instead of just cashing in on a beloved franchise. I guess we’ll find out more at E3.

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