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R.I.P. Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper

I don’t mean to return to this blog on a sad note after a little Da Morgue vacation (went to Sasquatch Music Festival, there will be a podcast on it soon.) but with the passing of such a legendary performer I had to write some kind of tribute.

For the most part this was something that was a long time coming. Hopper had been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer last october and had clearly been in failing health in recent appearances. Fortunately he did manage to attend and speak at his own induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame last March and seemed to have been in high spirits despite his illness.

Always a controversial figure for his notorious drug use and anger issues, it will be Dennis Hopper’s impressive body of work that will entertain audiences now and to come. From his early roles in James Dean movies. to his time as an icon of the Woodstock generation, to his comeback in the 80s, Hopper led a diverse and unique filmography behind.

P.S. In his memory I plan on doing a top ten list of his best roles. Though I’m gonna take my time on this one so it should be out in a week or two.

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