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C.A.T: This Year’s Model

Elvis Costello – This Year’s Model (1978)
Continuing the trend of doing albums by year (that for whatever reason started in 1976), I bring you Brit Power Pop pioneer Elvis Costello’s 1978 classic This Year’s Model. His sophomore release and debut with backup band The Attractions, This Year’s Model would only further cement Elvis as the official Grand Pop Rock Poobah of the late seventies.

Or would you call this a new wave record? Elvis almost seemed to blur genre’s seeing how different his sound was from other artists of the time, yet reminiscent of the past. I remember how my dad used to say how much he hated most music in the late 70s but that it would of been a lot worse if it wasn’t for Elvis Costello. Elvis was simply in a league of his own when it came to pure pop rock prowess with an amazing songwriting mentality. Catchy tunes, solid musicianship, all tied together with a voice that I don’t even know how to describe. It’s as Will Ferrell might say “Scrumtrulescent.”

Picking a favorite track here is damn well impossible as it’s all overflowing with hooky pop goodness. More than anything it’s about the whole experience, showcasing Elvis Costello’s songwriting ability. Obviously “Pump it Up” and “Radio Radio” (which is only on the U.S. version) are some of Elvis’ most celebrated hits but any one of these songs has the same kind of potential.

My favorite compliment I ever received while playing in The Defenestrators was being told once that I sounded like Elvis Costello. Not to divert the attention to myself or put myself even remotely close to the league of a genius like Elvis but who has a cooler voice than Elvis Costello? I only wish that compliment was true, no one quite has the same kind of swagger and style like him.

Favorite Tracks: “Hand in Hand”, “No Action”, “Pump it Up”