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C.A.T: Hotel California

Eagles – Hotel California (1976)
The Eagles are playing at Key Arena this week and although I’m not going I’ve definitely had them on the brain. I feel like the Eagles don’t get a lot of respect on this blog so I’l go ahead and personally honor them with the first “Classic Album Tuesday” since August.

Easily the most defining work of one of the great American rock bands. Hotel California saw the Eagles at their commercial and creative peak. Coming off the release of the most successful greatest hits album of all time, the Eagles surprised everyone with even more hits including what is now considered their signature song.

With the departure of founding member Bearnie Leadon, Hotel California would see the addition of guitarist/vocalist Joe Walsh, formerly of The James Gang. This would provide the Eagles with an even harder edge on heavy rockers like “Victim of Love” and popular radio staple “Life in the Fast Lane”. Though you can never count out the Eagles ability to weave a heartfelt ballad. The Joe Walsh penned “Pretty Maids All in a Row” is pleasant easy listening and the same can be said for bassist Randy Meisner’s country flavored “Try and Love Again”. Hotel California also contains what maybe my all time favorite Eagles’ song in “New Kid in Town” the album’s leadoff #1 single sung by Glenn Frey.

And then there’s the album’s title track, one of the greatest rock songs of the seventies. Based off of a chord progression by guitarist Don Felder “Hotel California” is a rock masterpiece with it’s inter-playing guitars and picturesque lyrics. Don Henley belts it out with his rough around the edge vocal style and it’s simply the perfect rock song, nuff said.

Favorite Tracks: “Hotel California”, “New Kid in Town”, “Victim of Love”

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