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Psychedelic Surfs Up

MGMT – Congratulations

Don’t you love that feeling of picking up a new album, cranking it up and immediately falling in love with it? I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from MGMT this time but then again I don’t think anyone was. They’ve made it perfectly clear that all the success that was generated from their debut, with such radio friendly singles as “Kids” and “Time to Pretend” has kind of left them disillusioned. Thus making the decision of defying critics and possibly alienating some fans to make a less commercial but far more creatively daring album.

Cutting back significantly on the electronic sound they forged on Oracular Spectacular, MGMT takes a new organic approach to their new compositions. Dance/Pop music has now been replaced with full on psychedelic rock. Bursting with 60s pop excess, Congratulations plays out like an experimental rock opera of epic proportions.

“Flash Delirium” has more or less paved it’s way as the unofficial single and it perfectly embodies what this album is all about. “Like if The Flaming Lips and The Beach Boys had an orgy.” Is how I’d choose to describe the track. Though this isn’t an album about individual tracks as much as it’s about the overall sound. Like a psychedelic journey across a sea of rock n’ roll. Just look at the track “Siberian Breaks” it’s 12 minutes though it hardly feels that long as it’s always changing and evolving.

I’m beyond impressed with how this band has evolved and matured in such a short amount of time. A few years back I figured they’d continue down a road of Bouncy Synth/Pop but no, this is something completely new and exciting. If you consider yourself a fan of 60s rock, rock operas, or bold alternative music than you must open your ears to Congratulations.

Favorite Tracks: “Flash Delirium”, “It’s Working”, “Siberian Breaks”