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Macs Get a Little More Steamy in April

Valve announced today that Steam, their digital distribution platform, and the Source engine will be ported over to Mac OS in April. They also announced a new feature called Steam Play which allows Mac users who purchased a game on PC to play on their Mac for free and vice versa. This means games like Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, and Left 4 Dead can be played on your Mac laptop and desktop PC with one purchase. And, with Steam Cloud, you can even keep playing the same save file on both computers. Furthermore, all future Valve games will be developed with the Mac as a “tier 1” platform, meaning if PC gets it, so does Mac; at the same time. The first example of this will be Portal 2 which is coming to PC, Mac and Xbox 360 later this year (but not PS3… burn). All this is making me really happy that I spent so much money on upgrading my PC last year. We live in a beautiful world.

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