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This Tornado Loves You

Neko Case – Middle Cyclone

At this point, I totally prefer Neko Case’s solo stuff to The New Pornographers. I guess that’s why they’re considered a super group.

Anyway, this album skirts the line between indie rock and alternative country, probably a little more on the side of country, which I guess makes it folk? But really who cares what genre it gets assigned to? I mean, iTunes is just going to tell you it’s “Alternative” anyway. The only genre more vague than that is “World.” The point is the music is good, and I like the sound of it.

The writing here is pretty interesting, it reminds me of the kind of stuff some people in a creative writing class would come up with. “I’m an owl on the sill in the evening,” stuff like that. There are a couple covers too, “Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth” by Sparks and “Don’t Forget Me” bu Harry Nilsson. And their are plenty of guest artists, including what I’m guessing is the entirety of The New Pornographers.

Neko Case has a great voice and has assembled a number of really enjoyable songs. Check it out.

Favorite Songs: “This Tornado Loves You,” “People Got a Lot of Nerve,” “Prison Girls”