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A Merry Christmas to You

As everyone settles into a delicious family dinner tonight, whether it be a tasty trip to ham city or a morally upstanding stop at salad town, we here at Da Morgue Dot Org would like to hope you imagine us with you. Eating your food, mocking your inferior Christmas gifts.

When you go to sleep tonight, tired from getting up early, full of love and high spirits, we’d like you to imagine us with you too. Looking, unflinchingly, straight at you, too covered with a blanket to really know what we’re up to.

When you awaken tomorrow, slightly disheartened at the end of the holiday, but optimistic about the quickly approaching New Year’s Eve party on Thursday, imagine we’re there with you then too. Going through your mail, watching, learning. For if some fat man on a distant continent can keep a vigilant eye on you, you better believe we can too. We’re always watching.

Merry Christmas.