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This is the Ballad of the Robo Jockeys

I’m happy to announce that I’ve gone as far as I’m going to go with Robo Jockeys and that the album is now available at the SLXP website.

Read this later, download it now.

Robo Jockeys is a first-of-its-kind technopera.  It tells a complex story of war and peace, love and hate.  It all starts with Thelonious, leader of all of mankind, and the revolt of the world’s robot workforce.  Work in the legendary heroes the Robo Jockeys, and you’ve got a whale of a tale, to say the least.

Ultimately I didn’t get to live up to my initial ambition, but I’m still very much satisfied with what I’ve got here.  It would be really embarrassing for my roommates or really anyone to see my recording vocals, so that slowed down the process.  Since I had the core story recorded already, I figured there was no point in making you guys wait anymore.

I think it’s definitely the best SLXP album yet, although still not quite on par with the greatness that is Fat Sherman.  In fact, I heard that SLXP is thinking about giving it up soon…

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