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The System is Down

Yeah I beat the system… Though not really. Remember how Warner Music Group muted any videos on Youtube that had music they owned? Well apparently things have transpired since then to fix that shit and I’m now proud to say, all of my videos now have their audio back. A new feature must of been installed at some point to dispute the muting and now you can simply contact Youtube, explaining how you’ve fairly and legally used the music and it’ll be fixed anywhere from a few hours to a few minutes.

So how did this come about for me? I was just browsing around the web when for some reason I pondered “I wonder what ever happened to that WMG/Youtube fiasco?” So I did some research and found a handful of videos and tutorials put together by fellow You-tubers on how to reverse this problem. I don’t know when it came about but I’m so very glad that it did.

So if you have any videos that fell victim to all that copyrighted musical bullshit, then nows the time to take action. Personally I found this tutorial video very helpful. I’m so very glad to see that Youtube and me are on good terms again, Otteni out.