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Get Back to where we once belonged

Is Beatles week over yet? I keep coming here hoping to see some kind of closure but nothing has happened since last Thursday. So I guess I’ll start posting other no-Beatle related stuff. I really enjoyed our Beatle top ten lists so hopefully we can do some other kind of theme week sometime.

Coming up I’ll review Taking Woodstock, which I saw over a week ago and unless Sean wants to there’s a new Muse album out worth reviewing. Jim James, Connor Oberst, Mike Mogis and M. Ward aka Monsters of Folk have an album due out next week so I’ll definitely check that out and I’m starting to get excited for some fall music releases. There’ll be a whole slew of intriguing movies coming soon and who knows what else is on the horizon.

Well just thought I’d make a quick comment and see what was going on, Otteni out.