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See You Next Fall

I’ve been wanting to do this post for awhile as Sean did one last year (which I supposedly pressured him into) and though I’m not sure anyone cares about what I want to see this fall, I’ve come to believe that there’s no such thing as a bad post at DaMorgue.

10. Zombieland
October 2nd

Really more of a film to pad out the list due to Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island being moved to February, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little intrigued. Horror/Comedy can be a very entertaining combination but also a recipe for failure. Though with Woody Harrelson attached and apparently a cameo from BIll Murray I’d like to think this at least has the potential to be a quick laugh, plus it comes out during “Shocktober” nothing wrong with that. I’m not sure if there’s enough room in the world for another zombie comedy with Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead, but maybe they have a few tricks up their sleeve… I’m trying to be optimistic.

9. 2012
November 13th

Another one I’m not too thrilled for but will definitely see… Unless the reviews are beyond bad. Roland Emmerich certainly isn’t known for his abilities as a storyteller but he always delivers on great effects and a good amount of shit blowing up. I’m not sure what truly differentiates this from any of his other disaster movies so I guess I’ll have to see it to find out. Not a bad cast; John Cusack, Oliver Platt, Thandie Newton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Woody Harrelson and Danny Glover as the president? Worth a bit of a peek I suppose.

8. Extract
September 4th

I’m not sure if September 4th is technically Fall but whatever, I mean that’s when lots of people are in school. So Mike Judge heads back to the workplace huh? I’m a huge fan of Office Space and with a cast that includes the likes of Jason Bateman, Ben Affleck, J.K. Simmons, Kristen Wiig and Mila Kunis I’ve got to check it out. The reviews haven’t been to glowing but who knows I seem to recall Office Space was a pretty big failure when it was released so it’s hard to say. It’s got to have something going for it with a guy like Judge behind it.

7. Fantastic Mr. Fox
November 25th

I’ve always been a fan of both stop-motion and the visual style of Wes Anderson, so this looks intriguing. I find it kind of creepy looking, but it is based off of a Roald Dahl work so perhaps thats befitting of his oddball writing. The script was penned by Wes along with Life Aquatic co-writer Noah Baumbach, which sounds promising and with a cast of frequent Anderson collaborators (Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray and Owen Wilson to name a few) along with George Clooney in the title role, I think this could turn out be a pleasant surprise for what looks to be dry November.

6. The Informant!
September 18th

Based on the story of Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon) who in the mid 90s became an informant for the FBI to investigate a food company for price-fixing, director Steven Soderbergh teams up with a pudgy Matt Damon aka Fat Damon for this upcoming dark comedy thriller. Matt Damon looks hilarious playing against the types he usually plays and I’m intrigued by the casting of Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap, Enterprise) and Joel McHale (Almost Live and lots of bad stuff) in major roles.

5. A Serious Man
October 2nd

The Coen brothers have really been on a role lately and I’m eagerly awaiting their latest dark comedy. Set in Minnesota in the late 1960s, A Serious Man follows one Larry Gopnik (Michael Stuhlbarg) in his struggles with his family, work and faith in that trademark Coen brothers style. I’m intrigued by the cast of mostly no names (aside from perhaps Richard Kind as Larry’s slacker brother) and how the Coen’s will portray the era and I can only imagine what the soundtrack will be like knowing them.

4. Where the Wild Things Are
October 16th

Though I’m not sure what kind of mileage you can get out of a book that’s like nine pages long, visually this looks amazing. The settings, the monsters, all with an indie flair in Spike Jonze. There’s a lot of places they could take this story and I see a lot of potential so I’m pretty stoked, I just heard some song off the soundtrack featuring Karen O on the radio definitely got me pumped.

3. The Invention of Lying
October 2nd

I couldn’t believe after seeing Ghost Town how hilarious of a leading man Ricky Gervais could be. This time in a script co-written by Gervais (who also co-directs) Ricky plays Mark Bellison a man living in an alternate reality where no one has ever lied before until he learns how to use lies to get ahead in life. The movie has a promising cast featuring such actors as; Jennifer Garner, Rob Lowe, Jonah Hill and Patrick Stewart as the film’s narrator and the trailer looks fairly amusing as well. I won’t “lie” this movie looks pretty funny.

2. Gentlemen Broncos
October 30th

I’ve become a big Jared Hess fan over the years. His retro visual style and sense of humor (writing alongside his wife Jerusha) are truly unique and ever since I heard about Jemaine Clement joining the cast, I’ve been eagerly awaiting this. Michael Angarano stars as Benjamin Purvis, an aspiring fantasy writer home-schooled by his mother (Jennifer Coolidge). While Jemaine Clement plays the once famed sci-fi writer Ronald Chevalier who now desperate for ideas steals Benjamin’s story idea “Bronco”. With “in-book” segments starring Sam Rockwell this should definitely be a nice oddball comedy experience.

1. The Road
October 16th

It’s been continually pushed back (Perhaps for awards consideration) and it’s based off a Cormac McCarthy work, so naturally I’m quite curious. A post apocalyptic father and son story with Viggo Mortensen? Try and stop me from seeing it. The trailer wasn’t anything amazing but I have a feeling about this, though I often find myself disappointed by my most anticipated films, there’s always that outside chance that something will be will live up to my expectations, let’s hope for the best.

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