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They’re Back From the Dead

Spinal Tap – Back from the Dead

Originally I wanted to do a Spinal Tap retrospective but frankly, I just don’t have it in me… But I figured I could at least review Tap’s latest release. It’s been 17 years since these mock-rockers released an album (that was the so-so Break Like the Wind) and they appear to back in firing form, even with a lack of new compositions. Yes out of 19 tracks there’s probably only five or so new Tap tracks but I have to admit, some of these re-recordings sound better than ever. Rockers like “Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You” or “Heavy Duty” featuring Keith Emerson are tight, polished and heavier than ever but re-recording “Flower People” as a reggae number or “Sex Farm” as a funk number is a cute idea but ultimately forgettable.

I don’t understand why we couldn’t of gotten an entirely new batch of songs, seeing as the newer numbers are brimming with hilariously silly lyrics and over the top rock riffs. Title track “Back from the Dead” (originally recorded as a free download earlier this decade) is a definite standout with it’s menacing horror infused lyrics such as “Give me reincarnation… Or give me death!” and some mighty thunderous drums. “Warmer than Hell” is a devilishly stupid piece about global warming and “Rock and Roll Nightmare” is another classic satire on the 80s hair metal of yore.

Looking at the track list I find one of the most hilarious inclusions being the long awaited recording of Derek Smalls’ “Jazz Odyssey” split up into three parts! I have no idea why there are so many re-recordings, which definitely holds this album back but as a whole it’s still dumb fun. Being that it’s a comedy record I don’t feel the need to judge it too hardly. I mean sure I would of liked some more new material but I’m probably lucky that another Spinal Tap album was even made at all.

The addition of a bonus dvd was a real plus here and overall I was satisfied with this purchase. I’ve been having a hell of a time finding any good tunes this summer, so at least these guys can tide me over for a little while. If your a fan but don’t already have any recorded Tap material than I’d recommend this, a bit pants but worth a peak.

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