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And Then There Was Ten

I wanted to do a quick update as we appear to be in one of our longer post droughts. I still plan on doing some sort of Spinal Tap retrospective soon, I haven’t had much time to listen to the album but it’s coming. I’d like to think that there will be some more movie reviews soon, but there’s just not a lot I want to see coming out yet. I really don’t care to see the new panned, 147 minute long Transformers installment so hopefully July will be better for summer flicks with stuff like Public Enemies or Funny People even though that’s not until July 31st. Awhile back I said I’d do a top ten of baseball movies but I’ve since decided to save that for closer to the All Star Game, until than I can’t think of anything that will be worth reporting, except for random updates like this one.

In other news, did you hear that the Oscars are going to extend their best picture nominees from five films to ten? I suppose they see it as a way to get back to their roots while honoring other films… But ten? For someone like me (who tries to see all the nominees) that’s gonna be a hell of a lot of work. Personally I don’t think the amount of movies they’re nominating is the problem it’s just the selection. Every year they have to pull some shit like nominating an Atonement or The Reader, so what sucks is I’ll still have to see those kind of movies. Plus you know there’s gonna be some years where it’ll be a stretch coming up with worthy films, unless they start throwing in both foreign and animated films. Seems likely that they’ll throw in the latter at least. I guess there has been plenty of films that have been shafted in the past but I’m hesitant about how this might pan out. Well until than keep watching the skies, Otteni Out.

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