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Metric – Fantasies

I agree with John that there really hasn’t been much to post about lately. Hopefully that will change soon, with summer beginning, inFamous coming out and Up on Friday. Plus we all can’t wait for Nancy to post at the blog again. In the mean time, I’ve turned my attention toward music.

Music’s interesting for me, because I feel like I’ve got a good grasp on video games and movies, but with music there’s just so much out there, I feel like there are an infinite numbers of bands I’d love that I’ll never hear about. I’ve been looking for a new album to really capture my interest lately, something I could really get behind, like Our Ill Wills last year. I think I found it in this fourth release from Canadian indie group Metric.

This album is full of pulsing drums, synthesizers and a pretty lady singing (seriously, every review I’ve read seems desperate to point out that lead singer Emily Haines is pretty – what’s up with that?). The result is a series of very clean, catchy songs.

I heard that this band was influenced by groups like The Cars, Garbage and Blondie (all of them already in Rock Band) and that influence comes through here. These songs have that ’80s pop charm fused with a lot of modern/alternative/college/indie/whatever the hell I should call this genre.

I just found out about this album a couple days ago and it is already among my favorites for the year. If you’ve got 42 minutes that you don’t want to waste, why not download Fantasies?

Favorite Tracks: “Help, I’m Alive,” “Sick Muse,” “Gimme Sympathy,” “Stadium Love”

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