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I guess I didn’t post about this here, so there’s a chance you guys haven’t heard the news yet. Well, you know Rock Band? That game that we all really like? They are making a new one. You know that. But I’m not talking about the Beatles game or the PSP one, either. No, tonight I’m talking about the game they announced last week.

Lego Rock Band.

Let that sink in for a little while. The hugely popular Lego franchise of games are merging with Rock Band to create a new title. This game is poised to become the family-friendly band game, with kinder, gentler songs than we get in the big boy versions of the game. It even has a new mode that is supposed to be easier than easy. What are those songs? They’ve announced:

“The Final Countdown” by Europe
“Girls and Boys” by Good Charlotte
“Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas
“So What” by Pink
“Song 2” by Blur

I know: what? They’re gonna make by a fucking Lego game so I can finally play “Kung Fu Fighting” and “Song 2”? God damnit! Who knows, maybe this game will work with all the other DLC, and they will make RB2 exportable… making this the new disc through which all Rock Banding is done.

If that is the case, take heart knowing that the game might have some silly charm to it. Instead of earning money, you earn Lego blocks when you complete songs. You use those blocks to customize your character, your staff, your “rock den” and to build vehicles. That’s right, instead of unlocking, say, the van, you just build it. Then, when you have enough blocks, you build an airplane. OK, that’s kind of neat. Also, there will be Lego-style challenges, like blowing up buildings with the power of rock.

Fine, you win Harmonix and Traveller’s Tales. I’ll keep an open mind about this strange new game. But I still wish you would just release all these songs as DLC.


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