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T3: Who Watches the Watchmen?

Ten reasons to see Watchmen
Well if it isn’t top ten thursday and just a day a way from the release of Watchmen one of the most anticipated movies of 2009. I was trying to think of Watchmen themed T3 when I decided “Why don’t I just do another top ten reasons to see list” like what I did for Indiana Jones last year. I always like to round it with two stupid ones, usually the last two, but I think it’s a suitable T3, why don’t you take a look?

10. Hometown Hero
Though I’m not that familiar with Jeffery Dean Morgan’s work, his role in Watchmen has the potential to make him the biggest celebrity to of ever lived in our hometown of Kirkland, WA (aside from maybe the lead singer of Alice in Chains). Jeffery was born in Seattle but just happened to go to Lake Washington High School, so we got to go give him our support by seeing Watchmen. One thing is for sure, if I ever meet Jeffery Dean Morgan I know exactly what I’d ask him “Did you have Mr. Mabbott and if you did, did you have to do that stupid rock assignment?”

9. The Final Frontier
Maybe you really don’t give a shit about Watchmen at all and you’re more looking forward to Star Trek. Well the word on the street is that there will be a new Star Trek trailer attached to some prints of Watchmen. I personally don’t care that much but I’m sure somebody does, plus I had to round out this list somehow. Am I right?

8. I Love the 80s!
It should be pretty cool seeing a flick set in a strange alternate 1985. Tensions between the Soviets and the U.S. are at an all time high, Nixon is still president and they even have some extra playing Ted Koppel, that’s some freaky stuff man.

7. It’s Epic!
It’s not often that you see a superhero movie come along that’s almost three hours long and it’s definitely intriguing. Seems to be a good indication that the film will be fairly loyal to it’s source material. Apparently the Director’s Cut is 191 minutes long, that blows my mind.

6. V is for Violence
If there’s one thing I like to see in superhero movies it’s guys exchanging blows and Watchmen’s R-rating is a good sign that it wont disappoint in the action department.

5. The Cast of Characters
It’s intriguing to see someone make a big budget Superhero movie with few big name actors. Though it seems likely that it could of been to keep down costs, I like to think it’s a rare opportunity to give some of these smaller character actors the spot light. Billy Crudup is probably the most recognizable of the bunch for his roles in Almost Famous and Big Fish but you also got Patrick Wilson from Hard Candy, Little Children and the classic Lakeview Terrace, former teenage bad boy Jackie Earle Haley known for his roles in Bad News Bears, Breaking Away and an oscar nominated performance in Little Children, English actor Matthew Goode, Malin Akerman from that terrible Ben Stiller movie, Jeffery Dean Morgan and more. It’s an unusual cast so let’s hope they all have something to bring to the table. Oh yeah and it’s got dwarf actor Danny Woodburn in it, you know he was Mickey on Seinfeld.

4. Movie Magic
From Nite Owl’s sweet air ship, to a glowing Billy Crudup, to that part in the trailer where Dr. Manhattan makes those dudes explode, this flick looks to be an incredible smorgasbord of special effects. Tie this together with the jaw dropping backdrops and settings and this film could be a cinch for some of the visual awards at next years Oscars.

3. In Living Color
Based off of what we’ve heard and seen in the trailers, the makers of Watchmen have made sure to make this adaptation of the legendary graphic novel as detailed and loyal to David Gibbon’s artwork as possible. I mean look at the all the elaborate sets and vibrant colors, it really looks amazing. Some scenes even look to be exact recreations of panels from the graphic novel so if anything this should be top notch eye candy.

2. From the Page to the Screen
Arguably the greatest graphic novel of all time, creepy comic writer Alan Moore’s legendary story of former super-heroes living in an alternate American 80s setting is one of the most impressive works to ever come out of the medium of comics. Even if this film doesn’t hit all the right marks, I’m sure that even on the screen you’ll be able to see a great story in all the fancy effects and imagery.

What I’m looking forward to the most is to see how the character of Rorschach is handled in the film. He’s a great, complex character and easily my favorite part of the graphic novel. If you ask me he’s definitely the breakout character of Watchmen and definitely has the potential to really rub off on audiences. Come ’round next October he could even take the Joker down a notch for the most popular Halloween costume.

1. The Hype
It took years to get this film off the ground and now that it’s finally coming out, so people have set some pretty high expectations. Chances are it wont be as beloved as it’s comic book counterpart but for anyone who’s ever read the graphic novel or had some kind of mild interest in Watchmen prior to knowing it would become a movie, this is a big deal so let’s see if it satisfies it’s legions of fan-boys. The reviews seem to be mostly positive thus far.

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