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…And I’ll Whisper, "Thumbs Up"


I had my initial doubts when I heard that 300 director Zak Snyder was at the helm of the Watchmen movie adaptation. But since that first trailer I’ve been anxiously awaiting this day. Now that I’ve seen it, I can say that it was worth the wait.

The story of Watchmen begins with the murder of The Comedian, an ex-super hero working for the government. This sparks the investigation of Rorschach, the only super hero left not working for the government or retired. Along the way we meet other ex-heroes Dr. Manhattan, the only man with real superpowers, his girlfriend Laurie Juspeczyk, Daniel Dreiberg and Adrian Veidt.

The film relies heavily on flashbacks and quickly moves between characters. This could be a little hard to follow for the uninitiated, but I think it helped keep the movie interesting over its epic duration. The story of course is engaging, and the action sequences are rightfully intense. Most of the cast is great, and the rest at least look the part. I’d like to give props to our man, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who was definitely a stand out. Even if people think he’s Robert Downey Jr.

My greatest regret going into Watchmen was that I was unable to reread the novel before seeing the feature. I would have loved to look through its legendary pages one last time so I could scrutinize every scene for what Snyder has changed. But I couldn’t, I left it at home. So I couldn’t really remember everything that didn’t make the cut. Nor do I know what it would be like to see the film without reading the book. But, you know what? From what I do remember, this adaptation was pretty faithful. There was a pretty big change at the end, but it worked for the film. Really, I can’t complain.

A lot of people are asking; is this the next best comic book movie? Is this the new Dark Knight? On one hand, yes, in that it is the most sophisticated super hero movie yet, with characters I don’t think most people have seen before. On the other hand, no, because this is not as good a movie as The Dark Knight. What it is, however, is a very stylish, edgy look into a fascinating world. One that I plan on revisiting again.


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