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Did you know that the WGA Awards were held Sunday? Me neither. But with so many award shows at this time of the year, it’s hard to keep track of when they all are.

Anyway, if you remember last year, the WGA Awards were held like a commercial due to the strike. Apparently this year they actually had a proper award show, with guests and everything. Once again, Slumdog Millionaire took home best adapted screenplay, and Milk won best original screenplay. I can’t say most of the winners are that surprising, just the usual. You know, 30 Rock, Mad Men, Recount, John Adams, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Wait a minute, Force Unleashed? Oh yeah, this is the award show that actually recognizes game writing!

I think they made a good choice with Force Unleashed, its story was certainly its strongest suit. The only real competition would be Grand Theft Auto IV, which we know cannot recieve anything except critiscm from media outside the gaming world.

If you desperately want a list of the winners, you can check out the LA Times. They’re probably available on IMDb too. But, this just quite isn’t that exciting. I find myself caring less and less about award shows every day.

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