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Any Given Sunday

Though I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Steelers big win yesterday, giving them the most superbowl wins out of any NFL team to date, I felt that I should briefly acknowledge Superbowl 43 with an own analysis of yesterday’s events.

The Game
I wasn’t planning on watching the Superbowl this year considering I had little to no interest in either team succeeding, but the time came and I decided I’d give it a shot. To be honest I really enjoyed watching these two teams duke it out. I figured the Steelers would just womp Arizona right out of the gates but by golly Kurt Warner and company gave them a run for their money. There was even a point that I thought it was over for the Steelers but leave it to a risky toss to Santonio Holmes and you got yourself one helluva ball game. Not to mention there was linebacker James Harrison’s ridiculous interception leading to a 100-yard touchdown. Sometimes I find it’s a nice change of pace to watch a game that I’m not so emotionally involved in, by which I mean watching two teams I have no preference towards. So overall it was a pretty good game, pretty, pretty good.

Half Time
Been a lot of great classic rockers filling this spot for the last four or five years and this year was no exception. Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen and The E Street Band brought fourth one of the most energetic and entertaining half time performances I’ve seen in many moons. The boss commanded the stage leaping all over the place, giving Clarence a high five, chatting on stage with Steven and even power sliding into a camera. They pumped up “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out”, “Born to Run”, “Working on a Dream” form their latest album (Picked that up last saturday and it’s awesome) and “Glory Days” (with football revised lyrics). Topping it of with some fireworks here and there the performance proved be to be a solid showing.

The Commercials
I’ve never cared Superbowl commercials, because I really don’t like commercials in general. The ones they show at the Superbowl are no different aside from the fact that they cost like infinity million dollars to make and then air. It was pretty weird to see a MacGruber ad for pepsi, featuring Richard Dean Anderson (the original Macgyver who was also on Macgruber on last week’s SNL) so that was interesting. It seems like almost half the commercials were for Bud Light, mostly featuring a bunch of horses with the exception of that one with Conan O’Brien and H. Jon Benjamin.

For the most part I more of look forward to new movie trailers, so I was glad to get a brief look at The Year One with Jack Black and Michael Cera. It was like 30 seconds long but I’m still excited. Land of the Lost looks like it could be entertaining and as for the rest I really don’t know. I still can’t believe they’re making a G.I. Joe movie, that sounds like a train wreck just waiting to happen.

Other Thoughts
It was pretty cool that NBC aired a new extended episode of The Office after the game. I enjoyed it and especially liked Dwight removing the face from a CPR dummy. I’d seen Rainn Wilson interviewed by Al Roker earlier that day about the episode and was glad to see Rainn wearing a seahawks jersey (He’s from Seattle for those that don’t know.) He was all like “Yeah go Seahawks! We did it, we made it!” funny guy.

That’s all I got for now with the second time I’ve reported back ti you my thoughts on the Superbowl. I did it last year too on my blog The Ottman Prophecies.