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C.A.T: Brothers in Arms

Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms (1985)

I was in my car not too long ago and “Sultans of Swing” came on the radio. This is not a rare occurrence, I hear that song all the time. But my reaction is always, “yeah, this is alright.” Which is pretty much how I feel about the band responsible for that classic, Dire Straits. Tonight, let’s take a look at their bestselling album Brothers in Arms.

Brothers in Arms is one of the quintessential MTV era albums. I guess that probably doesn’t catch anyone who has heard “Money for Nothing” before, but I’m just putting it out there. I mean, that music video, am I right? Those graphics are like N64-level. Sure, some of the lyrics are a little sketchy, but that was a different time.

I think most people think of this album in two halves, and the first half is definitely the good one. Kicking things off with “So Far Away,” a bluesy little number that really gets the job done for me, and then smashing your face in with the epic “Money for Nothing.” That MTV part kinda reminds you of “Don’t Stand So Close to Me,” doesn’t it? Well, it should, because Sting’s getting paid for that shit. The third track is “Walk of Life” which has an awesome organ in it. I remember hearing that song in a Dairy Queen when I was still in the single digits. Then I finally downloaded this album a few years ago.

Later on you’ll hear some more tracks that are good, and some that are a little bland. My biggest problem here is the same problem I have with everything Dire Straits has done, it’s too damn long! Only one track is less than four minutes long, and after a while I just lose interest. But that’s my problem, isn’t it?

Brothers in Arms is finely produced, quality album. Probably one of my top albums of the 1980s. Maybe a little poppier than the rest of the Straits discography, there is still plenty on this disc to keep you entertained for about an hour.