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Yes We Can

I don’t have much to say, but I really felt like saying something here. It was quite a moving experience today seeing Barack Obama elected president. I was glued to the TV and radio pretty much all day with the exception of when I went to vote. I voted at Peter Kirk Elementary and though it was slow and tedious, it felt pretty good to fill out my ballot at one of those rickety little covered desks. Not only was this exciting due to the fact that this was my first election, but to be alive to see such a a historic moment take place in US history, it makes me proud to be an American and almost gets me a little choked up.

Barack has really won over the hearts of this nation, I mean to see a Democratic candidate take a state like Virginia (Which hasn’t voted Democrat in 44 years) along with other swing states like Ohio and take such a commanding lead really shows that this nation is ready for some change and I welcome it. Last time I checked most of our personal Washington state positions, amendments and propositions were going in a desirable direction too (at least that is for me) and I look forward to the final results. I’ll keep it brief here as I could go on and on regarding my excitement, this was a very special day that I’ll never forget.

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