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Here Comes the Cavalcade!

Hey just thought I’d hit you up with some quick news about this and that. The Killers released another single this week “Spaceman”, which is the other song they played on their last SNL appearance. I managed to find a free download deep within the womb of the web and definitely dig it, I can’t wait for their new album due out November 25th which is the same week that Coldplay will release their new 8 song E.P Prospekt’s March. I also heard on 107.7 that there are plans to possibly release a new Nirvana dvd from one of their live shows. Krist Novoselic supposedly described this show as one of the coolest experiences the band ever had. Unfortunately I’m yet to find anymore on this story, but hopefully more info will surface soon enough.

On to my main focus of this blog, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s latest animated venture. Starting last September, a new series of animated shorts called “Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy” (distributed by Burger King) premiered on Seth MacFarlane’s YouTube channel “SethComedy”. There’s a new one roughly every week (last time I checked they were on the 11th video) and they’re basically just one to two minute animated shorts about everything from “Jeff Goldblum Wafers” to “A Scotsman Who Can’t Watch a Movie Without Shouting at the Screen”. Basically it’s just like watching a collection of the “Cuttaway gags” on Family Guy but they all have that Family Guy charm. It’d probably be nice if they were a little longer but perhaps that might wear out the jokes in a few segments. I really don’t know how this went without me noticing until now, I think Burger King should of advertised this more aggressively but whatcha gonna do.

I hope everyone has a fine weekend, after all that’s what were all working for. For your enjoyment I posted the first segment of McFarlanes web series .. Remember to keep an eye out for these, they’ve planned to release 50 shorts all together.