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Welcome to 90s Week

Wassup?  Here at Cat Fancy we love themed weeks just as much as the next website.  But we’re in the rare position of actually being able to put these events together.  So, in honor of the return of weekly classic albums and top 10 lists, we are proud to present you with 90s week.

The 90s were an idyllic time for everyone fortunate enough to have lived through that magical decade.  It was an era of bizarre musical fads, incredible technological advancements and the rise of indie films.  When the biggest problem American’s had with the president was his inability to keep it in his pants.  When Seattle finally became the bomb.  Those truly were the days.
We all loved this decade, and felt like a propper tribute was in order.  So, here’s how this thing will be going down:
  • Tomorrow, I’ll give you my top 10 lists of music, movies and more from the 1990s
  • Tuesday, John will write a CAT on one of the most quintessentially 90s albums
  • Wednesday, John will post his lists
  • Thursday will be Colin’s day
  • Friday, Nancy’s
  • Saturday will be a phat suprise… Or we won’t post that day.  It’s really up in the air at this point.

So keep checking by, these posts are going to be all that and a bag of chips.

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