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Nintendo had an event in Japan today, and they revealed what industry insiders have been predicting for days now, the new DS model.  Called the Nintendo DSi, this new version features slightly larger screens, a camera, an SD card slot, and new Internet features.

The DSi has a web browser, and better WiFi features, I guess.  Also, Nintendo has the DSi Shop coming out, from which players will be able to download games and whatnot to their console.
The only bad news is that the DSi won’t have a GameBoy port.  Looks like the ol’ GBA has finally died.
The SD card slot is part of a bigger initiative by Nintendo to use the cards for memory.  DSi owners will be able to play MP3s through the improved speakers off of their SD cards.  Also, finally Wii owners will be able to download to and load from their SD cards, which is why games like Rock Band 2 will finally have DLC.  The DSi is going to cost rougly $180 and be out in Japan in November.  It won’t be out in the U.S. until next year, because DS Lites are still selling fine here.
Nintendo also announced some new games.  Not bull shit like Wii Music, real games.  There’s an adaptation of a DS game, Another Code.  Also, the stale Dynasty Warriors franchise will make its first Wii appearance.  In better news, they are bringing back two awesome franchises with Sin & Punishment 2 and a new Punch Out.  The first Sin & Punishment was a neat N64 rail shooter that didn’t come to the U.S. until it hit the virtual console a year ago.
Nintendo of America also announced that Club Nintendo was finally coming to the U.S, so crazy fanboys finally get to sign up for wacky merch from the house Mario built.
So us Wii gamers finally have something to look forward to.  And you DS hold-outs, the wait is finally over; you’ve got a great new version to buy.  Pretty soon, it’ll be hard to come up with an excuse not to have at least one GameBoy Pen in your house.
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