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Double Your Pleasure

Here is a double whammy of two interesting stories I heard about on the radio today. Thus I thought I’d share them to you in this two for one smorgasbord of media.

Let Me Show You The Real China
Hey remember how people used to always joke about how long it was taking Guns N’ Roses to release Chinese Democracy? Well now those days are over as GN’R announced today that their long overdue sixth album will be available on November 23rd. Along with the announcement was the release of a new single from the album titled what else but “Chinese Democracy”. I checked it out on Youtube and wasn’t particularly impressed, but then again I’ve never really been much of a fan. I post this more as an interesting piece of news within the music world. If their album is good then good for them and their fans, if it isn’t then that’d be pretty funny seeing 15 something years all for a so-so album or maybe worse who knows.. It’s not my type of music so I don’t know how fans have felt about some of the current songs floating around. Hmm, I remember reading earlier this year that Dr. Pepper, would give everyone in America a free can of pop if GN’R released Chinese Democracy this year, I really hope that offer still stands.

In local sports, the Seattle Mariners named former vice president/special assistant to the general manager of the Milwaukee Brewers Jack Zduriencik (pronounced Zur-EN-sik) as the latest Mariners General Manager. At 57 years old Jack has had experience as a scout and front office worker with the Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates and Dodgers. He is often credited for helping turn around the once terrible Brewers organization into a respectable ball club. Jack is held in high regard in baseball circles and last year became the first non-general manager to be named Major League Baseball’s executive of the year by Baseball America. All this news is quite refreshing for M’s fans and I can’t wait to see What the Z-Man can do for our poor ball club.