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90s Week: C.A.T: Nevermind

Nirvana – Nevermind (1991)
Here it is the extreme return of Cat Fancy’s “Classic Album Tuesdays” via 90s week. Naturally I’ll be discussing one the most memorable and arguably best albums of the decade Nirvana’s 1991 release Nevermind.

With a riff that knocked the world off it’s rocker and an attitude to match, Nevermind wasn’t just a breakout album for this legendary Aberdeen trio but the heart of the Grunge movement in music. An electrified showcase of melancholy pop and masterful song writing and perhaps the greatest album of the extreme decade we call the 90s.

Starting out with some minimal success on their first album Bleach released in 1989. This blossoming northwest group wouldn’t truly find their sound until that defining year in 1991. With the recent addition of former Scream drummer Dave Grohl, Nirvana had paved a clean slate for a new batch of tunes that would soon define a generation.

Heading out to Smart Studios in the Spring 0f 1990, Nirvana had chosen former drummer of Killdozer/future founding member of the Alternative band Garbage Butch Vig to produce the sessions. Some important groundwork was done here but after some complications, recording was shut down. Sending around a demo Nirvana made the switch over to Geffen records keeping Vig and going down to L.A. to work their magic.

It wasn’t easy to tighten up Nirvana’s sludge rock sound but with the help of studio engineer Andy Wallace, Nirvana eventually created the trademark sound they’re known for today. Thick Guitars, intricate drums, clean picked bass, all topped off with Kurt Cobain’s angst filled voice truly made for something out of this world.

It’s no surprise that this was an instant success cause Nirvana just had something very special. With a brilliant songwriter in Kurt Cobain and an excellent rhythm section from Krist and Dave, all the elements came together. The style they created was almost like heavy metal pop I guess more popularly dubbed as grunge and every tune is filled with raw emotions and lyrics, that although may have been rushed by Kurt, are a trip to follow along to… That is if you can.

I wasn’t in to a lot of music growing up in the 90s but even I and everyone in my family had respect for Nirvana , and then when I did get into music it was a real treat discovering the greatness of Nirvana which I’ll always hold dear to my heart.

Favorite Tracks: “Breed”, “Drain You”, “Lithium”