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You Better Squatch Yourself

Well it didn’t take long for scientists to discover that the so called bigfoot corpse, that I wrote of in an earlier post, is indeed a costume. Beginning with a hair analysis sample, in which the hair is burned, Squatch’s fur melted right into a ball proving it to be synthetic. Not long after that, as the corpse thawed out, it was discovered to be no more than a well made rubber costume.

I’m no where near surprised that the corpse was a costume but what truly puzzles me is, “Why did these guys do it?” I guess the obvious answer would be for the recognition, even it did end up making them look like a couple of con-men, I guess any publicity is good publicity. Though there’s no way they could of made any dough on this stunt, buying the costume and the materials had to be damn pricey, doesn’t seem likely that the scientists could of given them all that much for it, I guess they’re just a couple of nuts.

I have no idea how these guys managed to get this kind of attention, especially the press conference they got but you gotta give them props for their ability to convince people of what they’d supposedly found. I hear they have a website where they detail all of their Bigfoot ventures, so that might be worth checking out for more on these two “explorers”. There you go, thought I’d just put some closure to this little story, life goes on.