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Cats Maul Rockers

Sorry to dissapoint anyone who passed upon this page noticing there to be no T3 this week, (which I’m sure is no one) but the Cat Fancy staff has been very busy and somewhat physically/mentally drained since our big duel victories over “The Rockers” softball team. Winning both games (one 14-8 and the other 10-9) I think we’ve all earned ourselves a little leisure time for proving to be only the second worst team in Kirkland Softball league.

On another high note production on the Cat Fancy pilot “Seperated at Girth” (about the Cat Fancy crew’s daily misadventures) recently began production, and I’m sure you can expect that to appear on the web sometime this August. Aside from that not much is going on for the next couple days and maybe even following week, as Mr. Lemme will be out of town, but he’ll still be here in spirit. As for myself, I recently picked up a copy of the BBC comedy Spaced via and very much enjoy the pop culture quirkiness of the series. In the world of movies, I was thinking about going to go see Swing Vote this weekend to get my Kevin Costner fix and in as for music, Dhani Harrison’s, the son of the late George Harrison, and his band “thewnewno2”, also featuring drummer/keyboardist Oliver Hecks will be available on iTunes tomorrow, so I think I might buy that for a larf… Still looking for a way to buy the new Vines album for less than 16.99 online as well so maybe I can find a way to resolve that. Anyhow, thanks for reading and you can expect us to keep you more frequently updated umm… Soon I guess, Otteni out.

P.S. Happy birthday Kevin, when I grow up I want to be just like him.