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C.A.T: Sea Change

Dear readers, I apologize for our lack of updates over the past few days. Please forgive us for our impromptu vacation, as we’re back and ready to write once again.

Beck – Sea Change (2002)

In honor of the release of Beck’s latest album today, I present you with the first Beck CAT Instead of focusing on Odelay, an album that is synonymous with the Beck name, I thought I would focus on Sea Change, an album that challenges Odelay for the #1 spot in most critical circles.

Beck allegedly wrote this album after the breakup with a longtime girlfriend, and it really shows. This is the follow up to Midnite Ventures, another great Beck album that is the home to that song that came with Windows Media Player, “Beautiful Way.” Sea Change is an exceptionally woeful, soft album, in great contrast to most of his work both before and after this release.

The title comes from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and refers to a profound transformation. Despite being a breakup album, Beck is not bitter here. He doesn’t really rap or rock out or do much of what made his early work so special. Instead, we get intricate compositions with Beck’s surprisingly soulful singing at the forefront. Beck utilizes a large string section, along with keyboard and his guitar, to create a unique and unforgettable sound. The result is a very pleasing album perfect for a lonely evening, or something like that.

It’s hard to single out any one track on this album, they all go together very well. Rolling Stone called this album Beck’s Blood on the Tracks, his magnum opus. That may very well be the case, as the brilliance of this classic is undeniable. It’s not exactly what people expect a Beck album to sound like, it stands very alone is his library. Whether you consider yourself a fan of his or not, the haunting sounds of Sea Change need to hit your ears at least once.

Favorite Tracks: “Lost Cause,” “Sunday Sun”


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