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Batweek: C.A.T.: Batman

Prince – Batman (1989)

For some reason Prince was asked by Warner Bros. to record an album’s worth of music for the 1989 Batman movie that would coincide with the movie’s release. The album is far from Prince’s best material, but it’s definitely not terrible or anything.

The main connection between this album and 1989’s Batman is that “Partyman” and “Trust” were used in the films. Also, many of the songs have sampled soundclips from the film Batman, especially “Batdance”, which was a number one hit as was this album, mostly because of the film’s huge success. Also, the album was reportedly recorded pretty quickly and some of the songs were just ones Prince had that were left over from earlier albums.

Most of the songs are in the same Pop-funk/R&B vein as a lot of the albums Prince had released over the course of the 80’s. And for that reason none of the songs are that memorable, but they’re still kinda fun to listen to. The only song that would say just isn’t that great of a song is “The Arms of Orion”, a cheesy ballad featuring Sheena Easton. So Prince proves on this album that he can still make solid music even when he’s not really trying as hard, but I really can’t recommend this album, especially if you haven’t checked out such classic Prince releases as Purple Rain or 1999.

Favorite Tracks: “Electric Chair”, “Vicki Waiting”, “Trust”