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C.A.T: Computer World

Kraftwerk – Computer World (1981)

Kraftwerk may not sound as revolutionary now as they did 30 years ago, but the influence of this German band is still evident in the most popular bands of today. Popular and inspirational acts such as David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Elton John, all of electronic music, they all cite Kraftwerk as an influence.

While most fans debate whether Autobahn or Trans-Europe Express was the greatest album they released, the focus of this week’s CAT is Computer World, because of it’s ties to artist of the week Coldplay.

Just listen to the song “Computer Love.” Sounds a little familiar, don’t it? That’s right, that’s that riff from Coldplay’s “Talk.” Holy shit. And I thought it didn’t get any lower than Usher using Garageband loops I used late last year. Well, it doesn’t. Coldplay got permission for the usage of that riff.

Aside from the easy to like “Computer Love,” Computer World has six other tracks, which is business as usual for them. We get several catchy electronic songs that all go on a little longer than a typical song.

The tracks are exactly what you imagine when Kraftwerk is brought up. Catchy repetition, vocoders and computer-talking. The band deals with the rising importance of computers in our society, or the society of 1981. These guys knew what they were doing.

Kraftwerk experimented with some funky sounds, which went on to influence early hip hop. There work with “sequencing and electronic percussion are particularly innovative.” So, while not the most awesome album these Goliaths made, it’s still one of the greats. Unless you’re afraid of music from computers, check this shit out. It’s a link back to a very specific time.

Favorite Track: “Computer Love”


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