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T3: 10 reasons why you should see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

It’s been a long road to the release of another Indiana Jones movie. Countless scripts and complications (a little place some call “Development Hell”) but now after 19 years we’re finally here! Some may have mixed feelings about Harrison Ford picking up that bullwhip for one last adventure. WHile others might be discouraged from the “mixed reviews,” but the way I see it, we should feel lucky that this film was even made. I really appreciate that this was something Spielberg wanted to make “Just for the fans” and so I have put together 10 reasons why the new Indy flick is worth seeing. Though I warn you this was surprisingly hard to write but anyways, let’s get cracking!

10. You’re about the music
This entry is about none other than the man behind the music of Indiana Jones, John Williams. Now, although Mr. Williams hasn’t been as productive this decade and he’s certainly been getting up there in his years (he turned 76 last February) he can still manage to whip up a fantastic score when a film calls for it. So seeing a movie with a John Williams score today is quite a treat. An Indiana Jones movie wouldn’t be the same without hearing that heroic and triumphant theme. He’s practically the greatest film composer of all time, so I’m sure he wont let us down in this latest adventure.

9. Because you’re “Made of Honor”
Since your still waiting for the crowds to die down for Made of Honor, you decided you’d kill some time seeing some other movie. Plus this one’s got that guy from Hollywood Homicide not Josh Harnett but the other one.

8. It’s back to basics
Though it’s pretty much impossible to get a blockbuster off the ground without the use of digital effects these days, it’s still nice to see that Indy’s latest outing will try and make use of more traditional “hands on” special effects. Sure there are still digital effects, but in keeping with the series they’ll try to cut back just a little. I even hear the original films were studied to try and get the same look down. Sounds to me like some good old-fashioned fun.

7. Word up
It’s hard to believe how many screenwriters have attempted to pen a new Indy flick. From Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption), to Chris Columbus (Goonies, Home Alone) to Jeb Stuart (Die Hard, The Fugitive) to Lucas himself. It’s a tough story to pin down, so now that someone has finally done the unthinkable he must of had some pretty good ideas. Looking at David Koepp’s resume’ (which includes films like Jurassic Park and Spider-Man) I think it’s safe to say he knows what he’s doing. For the most part he’s written some pretty solid screenplays and he certainly knows action. Even if this new Indiana Jones movie isn’t great or anything, I at least believe it will be entertaining.

6. Some new blood
I know some may be displeased with the casting of “That guy from Even Stevens and Transformers” Shia Labeouf. It’s still exciting to see who’ll tag along with Indy this time around. and what the chemistry will be like? Will we fall head over heels for Ray Winstone? Strangely enough one thing Indiana Jones has never really had is a notable cast. Not to say that someone like Paul Freeman wasn’t memorable in his role as the villainous Belloq, but did you ever really here about that guy again? I appreciate that the series has often went for smaller character actors, but you have to admit it’s easier to be excited for a movie when it has some cast members you already know or like featured in it. Crystal Skull for one has a pretty strong cast. Academy Award-winner Cate Blanchett as the villain and appearances from other talented actors such as Ray Winstone, Jim Broadbent and John Hurt. Why this is the most star-stutted Indiana Jones yet!

5. Familiar Faces
Steven Spielberg returning as director is probably the most assuring thing you could get for another Indy movie. Could you imagine if he hadn’t? It would still be exciting but with such a talented professional behind the scenes, it really gives you that extra sense of security. It’s Spielberg and Lucas’ baby so it’s a relief to see that this film is in their hands. Another exciting return is Karen Allen reprising the role of Marion Ravenwood. Easily being Indy’s best female companion (with little competition from that Nazi lady and Spielberg’s wife) the choice of her over perhaps say a young 20-something actress is a refreshing change of pace for an action movie. What will be the fate of her and Indy’s relationship?

4. The Mystery of the Crystal Skull?
Crystal Skulls? Huh? Must be pretty interesting if this is what’s gonna drive the new movie, but in what way? I haven’t bothered looking into Crystal Skulls before the movie (mostly because I want to be surprised) but through the all the various artifacts and legends considered over the years (Excalibur, Saucer Men, The Sons of Darkness, Immortal Peaches) you figure that this must be a pretty interesting subject matter. I can’t wait to see how the film revolves these skull things. According to some guy on a sci-fi channel documentary promo (about Crystal Skulls) “They can save humanity” and that sounds good to me.

3. The Memories
Now I know there’s a handful of fans (who weren’t around during the original run) who can’t exactly get the same nostalgic feel, but I think it’s safe to say that any fan of the series has their memories of when they saw it, at least I do. Hey, maybe even really old people can be like “Oh I remember 1957” (The setting for the film) so perhaps that has it’s perks. I guess this concerns older fans but it’s still an important factor for the “more mature” if you will. Relive the memories for one last hurrah and perhaps make some new memories?

2. Indy’s last ride
Seeing that it took 19 years to make a fourth Indiana Jones combined with the fact that Harrison Ford is 65 years old, I think it’s safe to say that this will probably be your last chance to see Indiana Jones on the big screen. So in a way, this a very important installment seeing Indy’s last adventure and how it will all go down in the end. This should as well, be special for people around my age (and younger) because for us, this is our first Indiana Jones theater-going experience… Awesome?

1. If you don’t, you’re basically saying you hate America
We’re talking about one of the most famous characters in American Cinema. Indy’s been parodied by thousands: from television shows, to cartoons, to movies, commercials and beyond. If you don’ t like Indiana Jones than you’re basically saying you hate freedom, like a swift kick to Uncle Sam’s balls. Indy’s an American icon, he’s timeless. I hear a lot of people criticizing the fact that Harrison Ford is too old but does that really matter? It makes sense for his character, he’s an archaeologist. Sure he gets into a lot more fights than probably a majority of people in his field, but it’s not like it’s a movie about 70-something Superhero flying around in purple spandex. Indy was never really that young anyways, being 38 in the first one so you got to support him. I mean, he’s basically our answer to James Bond (without all the class and charm) who doesn’t care if he has to get his hands dirty. He really has that “Average Joe” quality that’s made him so persevering in the first place. Simply put: the Indiana Jones character is a staple of American film, and the truest of American heroes.

I’d like to thank Sean for his additional input with this list. I guess all there is to do now is head to the theaters, off into the sunset, and never look back.


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