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So I was reading up on what’s in store for Family Guy next season when I found this bizarre little tidbit. Apparently in 2009 Fox is planning a Family Guy spinoff show… Pretty wacky huh, I mean a spin-off of a succesful series when it’s still on the air? I’ve heard of shows dishing out spin-offs when a show is over or on it’s last breath. Joanie and Chachi was on during the last few dismal seasons of Happy Days and the same goes for Fox’s The Lone Gunmen (a spin-off of the The X-Files that was on during the last few seasons) but a spin-off of Family Guy now? Probably the strangest thing about all of this, is who’s going to star in this spin-off… Well in this new show, were going to get to follow the day to antics of Peter’s good friend, Cleveland Brown. Thus the show is called Cleveland now perhaps you’re thinking the same thing I’m thinking, “Is this a a huge elaborate joke?” Well as of right now it appears to be true. I’ve found several sources for this and apparently in Spring of 2009 we’ll get a new Fox show about Cleveland.

So aside from the fact that a spin-off of Family Guy makes absolutely no sense, I ask “Why Cleveland? Can he really carry a show?” Now I’m as big a Family Guy fan as the next guy but I honestly only find Cleveland mildy amusing at best. It would almost seem that on the show, that they play off the fact that he has such a dull and soft-spoken nature. He’s certainly not the best choice for a spin-off if you have to do one. I hate to admit it but even Quagmire would make a better show, maybe even that perverted old guy Mr. Herbert would be better. I don’t understand why they don’t let fans vote on stuff like this. I mean for the most part, this has been met with a failry negative reaction, so why do it? The fact is spin-offs just don’t work. I guess Fraiser or The Jeffersons maybe are some of the rare cases, but for the most part it’s a just desperate attempts to squeeze out every penny. You know I even think The Simpsons has better potential for a spin-off show. The show’s dried up and weak these days, so why don’t they spin-off that show? I remember when they made that Simpson’s Spin-Off Showcase episode and I actually really enjoyed that Chief Wiggum P.I. They should do that…. hmm maybe it’s time for a King Of the Hill spin-off as well, I hope everyone is ready for The Misadventures of Kahn Souphanousinphone!