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T3: Sitcoms That Aren’t Seinfeld

Because you know that Seinfeld would be my number one. My apologies to Home Improvement and other shows that I appreciate but were before my time. They just didn’t effect my life as much. Also I didn’t count shows like Family Guy or South Park, just cause it didn’t feel right. My rules, bitches.

10. Malcolm in the Middle
One of few shows to really capture just how bizarre and dysfunctional a family can be, Malcolm in the Middle is remembered for its zany comedy and brutal honesty. Yes, the show got increasingly less realistic as it went on, but the laughs kept on coming. Now Frankie Muniz is a race car driver.

9. Scrubs
Finding a perfect balance between drama and slapstick comedy, Scrubs was a true pioneer during its first few seasons. Sadly the show has not been as strong since the end of season five, downplaying the hospital setting significantly. Due to the WGA strike the seventh (and final) season got really messed up. Here’s hoping that this show gets a proper finale.

8. Frasier
Probably the smartest show ever to gain widespread popularity, Frasier is the thinking person’s sitcom. But don’t let that scare you away, if you just pay attention you’ll have a great time with this classic. In fact, if I had seen more of the show it would probably be higher on this list.

7. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Always pushing the limits of late night basic cable, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is arguably the most laugh-out-loud funny show on TV right now. The characters are all horrible people, but that just enhances their comedic value. Plus, come on, Danny DeVito.

6. The Office
The American version of the British classic (which, like Extras, isn’t on this list because it was never aired on American TV) is smart, sweet, funny, everything you could want from a show. Who would have guessed that the monotony of a workplace made for such a great show. The Office has been golden since the second season, let’s hope it lasts.

5. Futurama
Here’s a great show that Fox boned. Futurama is the story of a 20th Century man transported to the 30th Century. Another great show that is smart, funny, and occasionally profound. Let’s pray that the movies lead to more new episodes.

4. Everybody Loves Raymond
The definitive family sitcom of our time. This show is a real classic, with almost as many tender moments as hilarious sequences. Ray, Debra, Robert, Marie and Frank Barone are as real as fictional characters get. Peter Boyle, you are missed.

3. Curb Your Enthusiasm
Larry David plays himself in a show that shows just how hard it is to be Larry David. Whether he’s accidentally coming off as racist or getting in petty arguments, Larry never seems to get it right. Which is what makes the show so great.

2. Friends
Probably the show that comes to people’s mind the fast upon hearing the word “sitcom,” Friends certainly deserved all the clone shows it had. Joey simple-minded antics, Chandler’s vicious sarcasm, Monica’s obsessive-compulsive cleaning, this show is much more than Seinfeld with more ladies. Yeah, it got a little to romance-oriented at the end, but whatever, Friends rocks.

1. The Simpsons
This was still probably pretty predictable. Let’s face it, The Simpsons was a real pioneer in animation and comedy. The first ten or so season are phenomenal. It’s not so great nowadays, but can you blame them? There’s a lot of truth to the old adage, “Simpsons did it.” Plus they still deliver a laugh or two every week.

Can’t wait to find out what problem John has with my list this time.

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