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Three Strikes You’re Out!

As of Wednesday, January 13th, basically, all writers have returned to their respective late night talk shows. So Here are my thoughts regarding what I viewed.

First off was The Daily Show which I was surprised, pretty boring. Of course, I anticipated all of these shows to start with the “Hey the writers are back” shtick, so I tried to look past that, but “The Daily Show” felt flat. Perhaps Mr. Stewart’s writers were rusty? Let’s not forget that Jon had one of the most serious interviews I’ve ever seen on The Daily Show. Something about a guy who was writing a book with a Pakistani lady who got assassinated.

The Colbert Report was better than it’s been for awhile. Especially a great segment where Steve went to the Air and Space Museum. There, he told a group of young children that the whole history of human culture came from a strand of hair. I was glad to see it was back to its silly self.

Also, I caught some of Leno which was lame. I’m not sure when he got his writers cause I’m not sure he ever had writers. Larry the Cable Guy as a co-host for a whole week? This is what’s wrong with America.

Conan was better than. I liked a lot of the wacky stunts he’d been doing during the strike, but have to admit it was starting to wear thin. Though I miss the beard. The guests weren’t too thrilling and Simple Plan sucked (though that’s nothing new)

Not as exciting of return as I hoped for, but certainly better with the writers. I shall not dare watch Carson Daly for I cherish life too much. Have a pleasant tomorrow and keep watching the stars.

-Otteni out.

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