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T3: The Wessman Cometh

Well this weeks T3 is about none other than Cat Fancy’s very own Colin Wessman, for today (February 28th) is his birthday. So I went around asking the people that know Colin best to shine some light on what makes Colin the best Colin that he can be.

So what do people say about Colin?

1. “It’s all about that occasional dry wit, that’s when Colin shines.” – John Otteni

2. “He’s funny, he just don’t give a shit.” – Rev. Matt “Nancy Carstens

3. “He’s a snappy dresser.” – Sean Lemme

4. In context to Rock Band “He’s the only one that can do most of the expert drum parts” – Peter Williams

5. “He has like no emotions, and that’s cool.” – Paul Otteni

6. “I Love his singing voice.” – Jake Waluconis

7. “No offense, but are you just a really big fan of Harry Potter” – Waitress at IHOP

8. “He looks like he’s going to eat a baby” – Peter Olund (Back in Junior High)

9. “Happy New Year” – Nick Black (from Myspace)

And the best for last

10. “Colin is a great person; he is a hard worker, athlete and my personal favorite a friend. I like Colin for several reasons, 1)He is not uptight and is always ready to have a good time. Colin is someone I can be around and just him and I talk and have a good time by most of the time 2)joking. Colin though silent if you do not know him can produce some of the funniest improv that brilliantly feeds off of a previous comment. My favorite joke Colin made is when he was driving back to Dick’s in Matt’s’ car and he did the arm thing that Matt does. Just purely hilarious. I also like Colin because he 3) enjoys my stories. Not many people can appreciate the truth of many historical events but thankfully I have Colin to believe. Lastly, 4) Colin knows Dan which automatically makes him a really likable guy that he is.” – Kevin Lemme

And there you have it.

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