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Bringin’ Home the Gold

Well today was Oscar Sunday and it was indeed a both fun and satisfying ceremony. With host Jon Stewart at the helm, what we got was an amusing and exciting show with some big wins and mild surprises. First off let’s talk about Mr. Stewart. I wasn’t really a fan of Jon Stewart’s last Oscar hosting gig, but this year he was just fine. Not particularly thrilling but he did have a handful of clever wise-cracks and I had no complaints.

The winners in most of the categories I think were what most people expected. Daniel Day-Lewis was obviously a lock for best actor and Javier Bardem (Or as Regis Philbin called him in the Pre-Oscar program “Hogxavier”) was heavily favored, and I as well was as glad to see him get the win. It seemed best actress was regarded as a close race with Marion Cotillard ( From La Vie En Rose) taking home the win. Though when seeing that she wore makeup to somewhat downplay her looks, I couldn’t help but think back to other female performances that won also with help from heavy makeup. (Nicole Kidman for “The Hours” or Charlize Theron for “Monster”) Not to say that these weren’t good performances, I suppose I just mean that being less pretty (due to makeup) appears to be a great aide. Tilda Swinton for Best Supporting Actress was certainly a surprise (Beating the favored Amy Ryan and always talented Cate Blanchett.) I thought she was great in “Michael Clayton” so that was a nice treat.

For the most part, screenplays and directing went in the direction I think everyone was anticipating. I was quite amused by Ethan Coen’s loss for words in both of The Coen brothers acceptance speeches. “There Will Be Blood” only winning for Cinematography and acting I also found to be quite acceptable.

But out of all these awards, I couldn’t of been more happier than the film that took home the most coveted prize of the night. “No Country For Old Men” without a doubt deserved Best Picture and as Denzel Washington called out it’s name, I certainly felt a great sigh of relief. So I think for the most part we can all be satisfied with the ceremony this year. If they were rushed with writing it than it certainly didn’t show. Yes a competend and fair Oscar Show indeed… I’m already excited for next year.

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