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Kevin’s Nine Movies of 2010

Overall, 2010 was a great year for Kevin. Regarding movies, however, 2010 was one of pity. I only racked up seeing nine movies in theaters this last year, not counting seeing Inception twice. All the movies I screened in the public setting I enjoyed and feel they can be ranked. They are as follows. (I have approval from King of Damorgue to do this post as a top ten)

Movies I wanted to see (Honorable Mention):
True Grit
The Town

9. Get Him to the Greek
This movie points out the hey that’s cool but so what test.  It amusing, and I mostly remember that one scene in the Vegas hotel room where the one guy is battling his father while the other guy has smoked something that requires him to rub against carpet on the wall.  The movie made me laugh, but when it was over, I forgot about it and don’t really care for it at all.  The Superbad guy (pictured) is co-starring in the film.  He is Kevin’s actor enemy #1.

8. Kick Ass
This film, in my mind, was a major success.  Nicholas Cage has been going downhill in his movie performances ever since the first National Treasure.  It was a pleasure to finally enjoy a movie where he doesn’t completely destroy it.  Apparently, the key to success is to simply limit his amount of air time.  Favorite scene has to be when the green monster runs into the gang right after he declares himself a superhero.  It’s nice to see a superhero get the shit beaten out em’ every now and then, just as long as its not batman, he is too cool.

7. Tron: Legacy
The full review of this film will be coming right after we finish up the top ten movies of 2010.  Overall though, it was a visually entertaining film but, at movies end left me in a huge labyrinth that not even Wikipedia can help me get out of.  For those that haven’t seen it, I would rate it as “go see it in theaters” but finish reading this post first.

6. The Social Network
As some of the more loyal readers of my parent blog may know, I am a huge fan of Aaron Sorkin’s work.  When news came that he was working on a movie for the big screen, I didn’t care what it was about, I knew I would see it (even if it were about myspace).  The facebook orientated film exceeded any expectations I had and even spurred a desire to ‘acquire’ the movie and watch it again.  The press power of this movie I have to accredit as it’s biggest success.  After the world came to know that Mark Zuckerburg wasn’t the most generous or nice guy on the street, he has actively become involved in what is hopefully the start to a long future in philanthropy.  

5. The American
As with a few others on the list, The American, is another film I saw where I had few others I could talk to about.  Like the Sorkin film, I cannot say no to seeing George Clooney on the big screen, after Up in the Air,  he, behind Harrison Ford, claims title of Kevin’s favorite thespian.  Back to the film, odd would be a good way to describe it.  This movie probably has the most dramatic ending of all the others on the list, I don’t think anyone saw it coming.  Even though it is Clooney, I would wait to see this movie when it’s $4.99 at Target.

4. Iron Man 2
Beside the new batman films, Iron Man tops my list of the recent comic book superhero movies that have been hitting the screens over the last decade.  Ever since Air America, Robert Downey Jr. I have viewed as a respectable actor.  The sequel wasn’t nearly as good as the first, but still enjoyable.  The scene I refer to the most in the film is when Stark has been summoned in front of the congressional board to give up his suit, and he hijacks the television to show that other countries are ten years away from Iron Man technology, then shows a video of the Hammer Industries suit blowing up and he’s like “Hammer Industries, twenty years.”  If you haven’t seen the film, go buy it, when convenient.        

3. Toy Story 3
It was announced and advertised in theaters nearly a year before it finally came out so to say I was awaiting this movie is an understatement.  However, I didn’t quite know how it could be done.  Andy has grown up, the last one was already sad, so how could this movie possibly be any better.  Somehow though, Pixar figured  out how to do it.  The movie brought plenty of laughs and good memories for not only has Andy grown up, but so have I since this film’s predecessor first came out.  Yes, at movie’s end I did cry, the only time I can ever remember in a movie.  If it were to go see Toy Story 3 right now, I would authorize abandoning reading this post.

2. The A-team
Easily the best original film of the year for me.  Liam Neison is awesome, very entertaining, and made me want to watch the television series.  I can’t say anything bad about the film.  It was exceptional!  My favorite scene is pictured, it’s when the drone shoots down the teams escape from Germany and they try to “fly the tank.”

1. Inception
Easily number one film on my list.  This movie still blows me away.  It seems to be the climax of a year of movies that like to mess with the mind.  With lack of a better term, this movie is one big cluster fuck.  Mr. Nolan went above and beyond with this film, I don’t know what else you could ask for it has: action, love, romance, comedy (go British guy!), and even some cartoons.  Ever house should own this film and watch it over the holidays multiple times.  The snow level was my favorite,  it turns out the fortress (pictured) is a real place, actually a ski resort in Canada, that will be the location of my next trip and future empire.  

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