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World Series Predictions

Ah, here we are. A mere minutes before the fall classic is set to begin and I almost forgot to post the final post of the series. So I believe I was correct with my LCS predictions, which presents us with one of the better match ups in recent years.

Everyone knows NY has one of the best lineups ever, but what their real strength in this series, if they choose to use, is their 3-man rotation. CC, Burnett, and Petitte are sure to have a good advantage over whoever Philly throws out there. Not to say Philly doesn’t have pitching, but lefties CC and Petitte match up very strong against a heavily left handed Philly line up.

I really could see this series going either way. But I really thing that NY is going to destroy Pedro in game two, so based on those grounds I think NY will win in 5 games.

(But I want Philly)

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