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C.A.T.: The Colour and the Shape

Foo Fighters – The Colour and the Shape

I guess I’ll do this because of the angry fan base howling for the return of my beloved CAT’s even though I just setting record over in the Icy Tower’s department.

The first album from the Foo Fighters as a collective group of musicians, Dave Grohl’s vision had finally come true. This album rocks. It has the perfect blend of soft and loud, fast and slow, and gentle singing and throat bursting screaming.

When I was taking drum lessons with the legendary Frank Heye, I asked to learn basically every song on the album. It took me weeks to master Monkey Wrench, months for Everlong, and I’ve never really got My Hero down. Dave Grohl’s drumming is some of his finest work on this album. He once said a normal person usually takes about a week to lay down drum tracks. His take about a month. He is maticulous and it really shows in his work.

Not to just make this post a Grohl orgy-lovefest, but this guy is a genius. If only he wasn’t so lazy these days and actually made a rockin’ album again. But until then we still have The Colour and the Shape.

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